US Government limiting the export of Artificial Intelligence

The USA government restricting the export of artificial intelligence software. The government of USA is trying to keep these kind of sensitive technologies away from the hands of rival powers such as China. The Trump administration put forward a new rule on Monday that the export of any geospatial imagery software from the country must apply for a license before being sent overseas. The rule is exclusively not applicable to Canada.

James Lewis, a technology expert with the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank said

“They want to keep American companies from helping the Chinese make better AI products that can help their military” .

According to James, the newly established rule is widely welcomed by industry of the US as it feared a wider crackdown on the export of the AI technology hardware and software.

Artificial intelligence arms race is a competition between two or more states to have its military forces equipped with the best “artificial intelligence” (AI). The Commerce Department had yet to finalize the rule under a 2018 law mandate. The agency will jot down rules on limiting the export to the rival nation for economic and security reasons. This will however highly affect the sales rate of the country.

The new rule will be implemented in the United States alone, but U.S. authorities could later submit it to international bodies to try to create a level playing field globally. The US government believes that it is in the national security interests to immediately implement these controls, it also wants to provide the interested public with an opportunity to comment on the control of new items,” the rule release said.

National Defense Authorization Act created a Control Reform Act In 2018 which put so many restrictions on China’s technology giants like the banning on equipment purchase by Huawei. None of the countries of the world devotes its money on advanced surveillance technologies or invest more on Artificial intelligence startups like China.

Hassan Uddin

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